Managing editor themes

class pyto_core.Theme(name: str, data: str)

An editor theme. There’s no way to create a theme programatically but it can be returned by editor_themes() and be shared to other devices.

data = ''

A base 64 encoded string containing the theme’s data.

name = ''

The theme’s name.

pyto_core.set_theme(theme: pyto_core.Theme)

Sets the current editor’s theme. This will not install the theme, so if it was created by another device, the theme will disappear after choosing another one. To install it just go to the settings and create a new theme, that will copy the current one.

Parameters:theme – The theme to be set.
pyto_core.current_editor_theme() → pyto_core.Theme

Returns the current editor theme.

Return type:Theme
pyto_core.editor_themes() → List[pyto_core.Theme]

Returns a list of installed themes. Includes the default ones.

Return type:List[Theme]