Make your project

To create a project, press the ‘Create’ button on the menu, then ‘Project’. After filling the information, a directory will be created with a typical project structure.

Project structure

  • <package_name>: Put your code here
  • docs: If you selected ‘Sphinx documentation’, write your documentation here
  • Readme page
  • setup.cfg: Project metadata
  • The script to build / install your project

By default, the setup.cfg specifies main() as an entrypoint for a console script. You can remove console_scripts = if you don’t want a command line tool.

After installing your package:

You can import it and run its console script from the terminal. The file browser will have a hammer icon where you can build your package without typing a command.


If you selected ‘Sphinx documentation’ when creating your project, you can write documentation for your project. For more information, go to

To build the documentation:


After building the documentation, it will be available on the ‘Documentations’ section of the app and you can also export the HTML.

If you want to create a documentation for a project that doesn’t have one, run:

Then create the ‘’ script inside the documentation directory:

If you have a file, you can add make_sphinx_documentation.BuildDocsCommand as a command: